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oCeLoT was a psychedelic trance and chill project I produced that toured in 56 countries between 2001-2019. In addition to the catalog of over 200 singles and 10 albums, both trance and chill, there is a LOT of residual material...

I present you: the ocelot unreleased track archives

These are various un-released tracks made over the years. They are offered as-is, free, with an open license to use them for anything except background music for violence upon others. The mixing is likely atrocious, the mastering, even worse. What do you expect for free, c'mon :D


I will aim to eventually re-release the RELEASED oCeLoT albums and singles... Labels, you have been warned, and the licenses expired anyway ages ago, lol

Rough list of albums, off the top of my head, probably forgetting one or 2 lol:

aural sects, vectorselector, psymatix, dream selector, 9 lives, you live in a zoo, night and day, style is not a style, one, harmony