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oCeLoT was a psychedelic trance and chill project I produced that toured in 56 countries between 2001-2019. My name is Aaron Peacock and I'm bored silly with the conformity of the electronic music genres and their associated sub-cultural groups. I have grand visions for the revival of what I call "the future music project" of the late 70's and early 80's world, fusion, and jam band scenes, that was deliberately derailed by the pop music industry and it's corporate tie-ins and square values, as real music represents a threat to business as usual with predictable copycat formulas to milk. Let us create a truly global fusion pot of music, of culture, where jazz meets folklore, where contemporary avant-garde joins the orchestra with the synthesizer and the taiko drummers with Tito Puente on congas... get my drift? Let's push the envelope a bit, because life is short and who has time to be cool, dumbed down, and popular?

You can email me: vectorselector at gmail dot com