Open Ocelot Archive


Hello, my name is Aaron Peacock, and I make the "ocelot" project since about the year 2000... (I've been making electronic music of all sorts since 1993. I play instruments too, enjoy jamming with other musicians, etc. I live on a mountainside and produce music 100% off-grid with solar panels on a rotating mount I welded for up on my roof. I have a wind-turbine but need to get a 24v box, and I'm not exactly on a ridgeline music it is.)

Hey wow! I finally have a website! I'm getting a *bunch* of new music ready for release, so meanwhile, I only have a player, and there's my archive full of hoary crufty old ball-bearings, drive-shafts, spacecraft, tractors, robot gigolos, rail-gun gliders, cricket-paddles, alien poodles, mushroom noodles, baskets, scented candles, and what-not...It's all completely free of warranty, as-is, probably terribly mixed and unmastered, and simply for the joy of liberating them from my hard drive to inflict damage upon my good name etc.